Financial security – social security: the controversial issue for micro finance organization

12 พ.ค.

The article is written from research projects on the development of self-evaluation tool for community based
micro-finance organization. The purpose of the research projects is to develop tool and double-bottom line
indicators for micro-finance organization. The double-bottom line indicators reflect financial and social
perspectives. In the study, community base’s micro-finance organizations are classified into three main
categories which are 1) Microfinance organization such as Village Fund; 2) Social Enterprise, such as
savings groups; and 3) Micro Insurance organization that provides no loan, but uses saving to fund welfare
services, such as community welfare fund.  From the study, the Social Enterprise generated higher scores in both
perspectives when compared to Micro Insurance organization that only produced good result on financial
sustainability, while Micro finance organization, that promote saving and loan, provided inconsistent result on
financial perspective and low to moderate result on social aspect.  . There are also controversial issues that
should be considered.

File รายงาน : Community Financial Organization_ส่งมหาวิทยาลัย   ขนาด file 611 KB


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